Citizen journalism – Life in a day

On BBC 2 now is the the film ‘Life in a day‘…I’ve been wanting to watch it since I first saw the trailer when I was travelling earlier this year.  I really like the concept and it certainly takes citizen journalism to another level.  The partnership between You Tube and National Geographic as well as Kevin Mcdonald and Ridley Scott is powerful and really interesting in itself.  Can you imagine the huge task the production team had ‘curating’ all the content they must have been sent in?!  I would be so excited if my content made the final edit!

The film definitely gives an insight into other cultures and makes you think about how different all our lives are.  It also shows how connected the world is now and despite there being 7 billion of us….we managed to produce a film like this!

If you missed it tonight you can catch the whole film on You Tube.

It has also started a trend as I see that BBC 2 are working on Britain in a Day – so if you want to be involved make sure you have your camera at the ready on Saturday November 12th and maybe you could be a part of the film!


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3 responses to “Citizen journalism – Life in a day”

  1. Katie Conaglen says :

    Hello! I’m a journalism student in Edinburgh doing a TV news piece about Britain in a Day. This article is lovely, great fresh take on the entire project! Are you taking part?

    • catherinefeltham says :

      hiya – ah sounds good – have you finished your piece yet? send me a link! I did go out and do a bit of filming that day…mainly just practicing with cameras but I might submit it! did you do anything?

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