Radio assessment criteria: Production skills

1. Planning

I ensured my M-audio was fully charged the night before my live interview. When planning my journey to the live interview I allowed sufficient time for finding the place and setting up.

When organising the phone interviews I took time differences into consideration as well as enlisted help from a French speaking friend in order to get through to the relevant person at the Institut de veille sanitaire. I also contacted many more people than I ended up interviewing in order to make sure I came out with some audio!

2. Recording

I tested the audio levels before all interviews began.  In addition I checked that the settings were correct in both the studio and on my M-Audio.  At the live interview I asked for the equipment in the room to be switched off as it was making a loud humming noise.

3. Editing

There was slight popping on one interview which I reduced in the editing stage.  I trimmed ‘ums’ and long silences to keep pace to the story and to meet the time requirement of the brief.

4. Creativity

I made my package interesting by spreading out the interviews and using clips from each person, rather than returning to one person twice.


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