Professional Techniques marks

We have received our marks for the last assessments now and moved on to start new modules.  I was really pleased with my marks and for those of you who read about my experiences you will feel my happiness too!  I worked hard on them, especially radio as it took a while sourcing interviews for me this time!

My marks reflect my interests which is nice.  I gained my highest mark for my TV piece which got a 78!  I am SO pleased with this and was a little shocked to be honest!  Great to have positive feedback on all elements of my filming, scripting, story choice and editing. : )

Then my blog got 73 which again I was very happy with.  I don’t really find blogging that difficult…I just say what I’m thinking most of the time…which is usually a lot!  That approach seems to work though…my tutor liked the detail and ‘chunking’ of my content.  It also paid off to evaluate my piece by using the marking criteria.

Finally my radio piece, I was a little disappointed to see that my production marks were fairly low for this (in the 50s) but understand why.  Evidently it was not the best decision to cut out all pauses and breathes and made it sound very odd??!!  Incidentally no-one who listened to my work said this to me!  Oh well, luckily I gained high on ‘journalism skills’ for the piece as they liked my story and were impressed with the interviews I did get which was good.

Overall I came out with a mark of 71 for the module – a distinction!! : )


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