About me

A trainee journalist, 28, ex-marketeer, food lover, world explorer.

Having worked in marketing and project management roles for four years in education and business coaching, I decided to take a year out and work for Raleigh International in Nicaragua and Costa Rica followed by eight months of glorious travels round South America and Asia.  This was one of my best decisions to date!  On this trip I applied for my MA and after returning to the UK and working a four-month contract at Mencap I moved down to beautiful Cornwall.  With the skills I learn on this course, together with my existing skills, personality and experience I hope to progress and change direction into storytelling through video and documentary production.

This blog will document my journey as a trainee international multimedia journalist from October 2011 – October 2012 at the University College Falmouth.  As I am learning please give me feedback on the content on this site!  There will a range of images, text, soundbites, video clips and I would love to hear which you prefere to view and why.


One response to “About me”

  1. Asim Alvi says :

    Your Article on sub editing is superb .. Asim Alvi From Pakistan on face book also

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