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A flavour of the Cornwall Film Festival, 2011

The Cornwall Film Festival had such an exciting and full programme it was quite difficult for me and many of those I met to decide which films to prioritise!  I was really pleased, however with the selection I did make it to, and the amount, given that I was working!

As well as We need to talk about Kevin, I managed to see A Separation, Tom Boy, Tabloid, a few of the shorts in Films without Borders, and Attenberg.  This is a real mix of films….from the fantastic cinematic imagery, yet traumatic ‘We need to talk about Kevin’, to the stressful and emotional ‘A Separation’; the different, insightful and gripping ‘Tom Boy’ to the crazy, quite hilarious ‘Tabloid’; the insightful Films without Borders and different, quirky ‘Attenberg’; all had so much to offer and were enjoyable in different ways.

If I had to choose I would say that A Separation was my favourite film and one I would highly recommend.  It really engaged me from the word go, and I went through almost as big a roller coaster of emotions as the characters it was done so well.  The subject matter was intriguing and fascinating…a fantastic glimpse into a different culture, but also displaying how easily communication challenges occur for all of us, regardless of culture.  It also explored the impact of extreme pressure on people and how are actions which seem small and insignificant can lead to situations spiralling out of control.  A very timely film that I hope gets seen by many more.

To hear to what others thought of a few of these films please listen to the short audio clips below.

Tom Boy


Director interview: Will Coleman, Tamara

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Cornwall Film Festival, 2011: An overview

The 10th annual Cornwall Film Festival was moved from Falmouth to Newquay this year and was the busiest and most successful to date.

The event celebrates both Cornish and international filmmaking and allows visitors to see films that otherwise might not be possible.

As well as movie screenings the event is a lively mix of workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities.

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Volunteering at the Cornwall Film Festival
Festival Manager, Cornwall Film Festival

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An interview with Lionel Shriver about We need to talk about Kevin

Image: PanARMENIAN_Photo (Flickr)

We need to talk about Kevin was one of the hot topics at the Cornwall Film Festival held in Newquay this weekend gone.  The film directed by Lynne Ramsey is based on the book by Lionel Shriver and it has been receiving a great deal of media attention in the run up to it’s October release.  The story covers life for a mother and wife – Eva, who gives birth to a son that she really struggles with and who in the film, is portrayed as an evil, difficult child.  Many themes are explored in the narrative such as the challenges of being a mother, American high school tragedies, the difficulty for a parent to know their child…and as you imagine there is plenty of trauma and sadness.

The film features Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller and is fantastically produced.  Lionel Shriver said “I think the film is terrific, so I consider myself doubly lucky.  I’m lucky that the film even came to fruition which is a miracle, and then on top of it I’m lucky because most adaptations of novels are disappointing.”

I interviewed Lionel after the first screening at the Newquay Lighthouse Cinema to find out more.  The interview is split in two parts below.

Listen to what some viewers from the Cornwall Film Festival thought about the film below:

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Cornwall Film Festival 2011 in pictures

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