World Toilet Day

Today is World Toilet Day – most of us probably don’t think too much about this but it’s quite shocking when you realise how many people don’t have access to a safe place to go to the toilet.  Globally it’s 2.5 billion people.

For women in particular this is really bad as it means that 1 in 3 face shame, harassment, disease and even attack just by having nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

The film below really makes me think about what it might be like if I didn’t have a toilet…


Call me Kuchu

Last week I finally took advantage of one of the fantastic events at the Frontline Club and went to a screening of the documentary ‘Call me Kuchu‘.

The film has just been officially released and there are screenings taking place worldwide, so where ever you may be – try to get along to one. Seeing the film highlighted to me just how much is going on in the world all the time that so many of us are largely unaware of.

The film explores the controversial proposed ‘Anti-Homosexuality bill‘ in Uganda and looks at how the LGBT community in Uganda have been fighting for rights and some of the challenges they have faced.  During the production of the film, David Kato, the first openly gay Ugandan and a leading activist was murdered, highlighting the issue further to the international community.

The bill is currently back on the cards and being considered once again in Uganda so the film has been released at a crucial time.

Welcome to India


I recently managed to catch the three-part documentary series made for BBC called ‘Welcome to India’ and was massively impressed.  The films were fascinating to watch and so engaging, definitely the most enjoyable documentaries I’ve watched this year I think.

For someone who has travelled and worked extensively in India it was pleasing to see how accurate a picture they paint of Indian characteristics which ring true from the poorest to the richest in the country.  That sense of optimism and entrepreneurship and competitive determination to succeed is something that is quite unique to Indians.  There is literally an opportunity in everything for Indians which is so amazingly resourceful.

What was also brilliant about this series was the clever scripting and the way they were linked to the British audience and in fact a global audience by hooking around themes that affect everyone’s lives and really prompt you to think about how we live.

This links to some short clips from the series highlighting some of the great characters, however if you get the chance to see the whole series don’t miss out!

Art Refuge UK promo

This film is a short piece I produced on behalf of the British charity Art Refuge UK.  The charity works with refugee children and young people from Tibet.  The charity provides a much needed space for them to play and undertake art activities while they are in transit in Nepal and India.

The project was really rewarding and I engaged a group of young refugees in making the film which they really enjoyed doing.

Please watch the video to learn more about their work and visit their website to find out more about their activities here in the UK.  If you would like to learn more about why Tibetans flee to India click here.

Filming in India

In June I travelled to Nepal and India in order to film a documentary for my final project for my MA in International Journalism.  You will already have seen the montage of shots from Nepal and the trailer for the final documentary.  Now you can see a montage of other shots from my time in India.

It was a fascinating trip to the north of India – Dharamsala, which really appears to be a ‘mini Tibet’ – a unique area where a group of people have set up their own base in another country in order to retain it’s language and culture.


Trailer for my first documentary – Escaping Tibet

This summer I produced a documentary on Tibetan refugees who have fled to India to escape Chinese repression.  In the past three years 55 Tibetans have used the extreme self-immolation method of protest, 54 have taken place in the last year.  This situation is incredibly sensitive.  I managed to gain access to meet and spend time with new arrival refugees in India where I heard accounts and saw painting which depict what life was like inside Tibet.

This is the trailer for the 20-minute documentary.  The project gained me a distinction in my MA in International Journalism.

Filming in Nepal

In June I travelled to Nepal and India in order to film a documentary for my final project for my MA in International Journalism.  The way the story went it was primarily shot in India but as I had taken some nice footage it seemed a waste to just leave it hidden in final cut pro!  So I have put together a short montage video with some of the nicest shots from this part of the trip.  Enjoy!